Artist creates 3D illusion of ocean floor on wood
Brandon Brandon 2 days ago

Designer Christopher Duffy of Duffy London is making art even more artistic. He has created the Abys… Read More

Yoga in bed: 10 exercises for a lazy workout
Brandon Brandon 6 days ago

Yoga has recently become a universal exercise and a social activity whose popularity has been on the… Read More

Woman in bed gets struck by lightning
Rachel Rachel 2 weeks ago

As long as you’re not messing with electrical outlets and such, you’ll be okay indoors in a thunders… Read More

Furniture essentials for first time buyers
Elizabeth Horsfall Elizabeth Horsfall 2 weeks ago

You spent years saving, months searching and weeks worrying and now you finally have your very o… Read More

Man caught on video struggling to get mattress off bus
Rachel Rachel 2 weeks ago

  Don’t like forking out for other people to transport your stuff? Well, neither does this m… Read More

Epic mattress fail with Philip Seymour Hoffman as the Mattress Man
Rachel Rachel 3 weeks ago

We’re all ones for a good deal on mattresses, but in this video of Philip Seymour Hoffman as Dean Tr… Read More

Private jet interiors of the rich and famous
Steph Wilson Steph Wilson 3 weeks ago

The rich and famous are now calling to manufacturers of the big Boeing jumbo jets and Airbuses to cu… Read More

The pros and cons of the pizza bed
Elizabeth Horsfall Elizabeth Horsfall 4 weeks ago

Two of the only activities that are vital to human life are eating and sleeping. The pinnacle of eac… Read More


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