5 advantages of a chest of drawers

By | November 5, 2012

Chests of drawers have many advantages over wardrobe; the way their storage function boxes up our items into different types perfectly complements our psychological need to organise ourselves. Below, Wedo looks at their multi functional advantages.

Chest of Drawers to Dressing Table

Chest of drawers are normally at a height where their top surface can be used as a dressing table. This is a space saving advantage if you don’t have space for a dressing table or you need extra space for these items. This surface can be used to display photos and ornaments.

A World of Combinations

This is an image of Classics Furniture Arcadia white 3+2 Chest of Drawers

Classics Furniture Arcadia white 3+2 Chest of Drawers

The storage space chest of drawers offer is boundless, as there are several drawer numbers and drawer sizes to choose from. These form combinations, and a bit like a safe, getting the right one is paramount. Combinations of drawers are listed as 3+2, which can seem a little confusing. The three is referring to the number of drawers below and the two to the drawers on top. We would recommend getting two smaller ones on top as these can be used for smaller items. To get the perfect combination simply write down a list of your needs.

Compartmentalize Your Life

We tend to want to compartmentalize our lives, from our minds to our possessions. We feel better when we know certain types of things can be found in one place. This is why chest of drawers are perfect; your clothes and other bedroom items are separated by types so you know exactly where to find everything.

Perfect for Modern Lifestyles

This is an image of Core Products Boston 5 Drawer Chest

Core Products Boston 5 Drawer Chest

Back in the days of old when ladies wore full length dresses and gents wouldn’t be seen out of a suit, wardrobes were an essential. All their clothes would have needed to be hung and not folded but nowadays our clothes collections are more equally split. We will need both wardrobe and chests to accommodate all our casual wear as well as formal.

Hide a Multitude of Sins

Best of all it’s easier to hide our mess and untidiness in a drawer rather than a wardrobe. It doesn’t matter how wrinkly our clothes are after they have been stuffed hastily away as long as your bedroom looks like place of tidy tranquillity.

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