What keeps the British awake at night?

Tossing and turning, unable to find ‘your spot’ in the mattress (I’d recommend a new one), your partner slapping you in the face with their dead arm at 2am…..there is an endless list of reasons why us Britons can’t get some decent 40 winks. So here is a lovely visual from our Creative Wedo Ninja aka: ‘The Jackal’, to help you get in the know about the most common issues to do with your nightly sleep issues:

What Keeps British Awake at Night

Ever wondered what the most common traits of bad sleep are? Refer to the above for sleepy enlightenment.



The more you know! So, loaded up with all this knowledge, are there any ways in which you could improve your sleep pattern? Turn off the lights, keep the TV volume down and have a stretch before bed; often it’s the simple things that do the most.

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Featured photo credit: Alyssa L. Miller via photopin cc

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    Good work! Saw this over on Infographics Showcase and thought this comment would make more sense here than over there…

    I’m surprised “read a book” isn’t in your Top 10 Tips. #11 maybe? I used to look at my phone last thing at night and then I’d struggle to sleep, probably because of the bright screen. Now I make sure to read a few pages of a book – works a treat. :-)

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    Inspired by Steve’s righteous comment, and the fact I love a good book debate, here is Tip #11:

    “Reading a book in bed is a great way to send you off to sleep, so dear ninjas, which books would you recommend for this?”
    Currently, my bedtime read is ‘1984’ by George Orwell; dystopic genius.

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